Upcoming workshop : Music and art in ritual practice (Cambridge, MA)

ETA: Workshop notes turned out to be four articles on my Seeking site. They can be found on the Doing index page, or the links below. 

Want to include music and art in your ritual practice?

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New blog up at PaganBloggers

I haven’t actually mentioned it here, apparently, but I’m blogging about monthly over at Pagan Bloggers, on a blog called Knowledge and Wisdom, and focus on the intersection of research, learning, and Paganism.

I have my second entry up now, Learning and Teaching. It’s about two recent experiences as a student I had, and how that’s affecting my thinking about planning for my June 2nd workshop.

(Next month’s blog will be what I actually did about that.)

I’ll be doing my best to do a quick link here when I post there, so you can follow it in one place.

Upcoming workshop: June 4, 2017 in Cambridge Massachusetts

I’m delighted to announce I’m going to be doing a workshop called “Knowledge and Wisdom: Research Tips for Pagans”.

It’s being provided in collaboration with the Cornucopia Collective, a public ritual and Pagan education group. They’ve posted an event announcement on their website (scroll down to the date), Facebook, and MeetUp.com pages. (I am not at all their events, but currently aiming at being at the full moons regularly.)

When: June 4, 2017 from 3-6pm. (Don’t worry, we’ll have several short breaks. Feel free to bring snacks.)

Where: The Democracy Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is a few blocks outside of Harvard Square.

Please note that the space is step-free once you are inside, but there are about 5-6 steps to get in, with a railing. There’s also no air conditioning, which may be relevant by June. The bathrooms are on the same floor, but not wheelchair accessible. (The Democracy Center is working on long-term plans for better accessibility.)

We’ll be in the Nelson Mandela room.

Cost: $5-15 donation to cover the space rental.

What we’ll be talking about: I’m still working on the specifics, but here’s my current outline:

  • Introductions (both my background, and what people hope to get out of it.)
  • What is research?
  • Different methods of approaching research (bibliographic vs. process, mostly)
  • Particular challenges for Pagan research
  • Search skills and how to improve them
  • Types of sources
  • Academic sources (both what they’re great at and what they’re limited by)
  • Local and online resources you can access
  • Evaluation of materials
  • Keeping track of what you’ve found
  • Citation, copyright, and other complications
  • Material from ritual, trance, meditation, divination, etc.
  • Wrapping it up, last questions.

I anticipate most of these will be 5-15 minute segments (with a couple running longer than that) mixed with lots of exercises and things to discuss together. For example, I expect the search skills portion will include constructing some sample searches for types of questions lots of people have, and depending on how things go I’ll either talk through a sample meditation for research use, or guide people through it.

Can’t make it to Massachusetts? This workshop is a great chance for me to pull together materials to set up an online version. I’m still thinking about format and structure, but it would likely be a series of weekly lessons over about 2 months, with a mix of reading, video lectures, and examples to try out as well as a place to talk about with other people doing the online workshop and to me. (Not a Facebook group, either an email list or online forum.)

It would likely have a modest fee (probably between $10 and $25 depending on various factors) and include supporting material like handouts, notetaking sheets, organizational ideas, etc.

If this sounds potentially interesting to you, drop me a note via the contact form on my website, and I’ll email you when I have something more specific to share.

Organisation and a new year

It’s January, which is a time when a lot of people are poking at their methods of organisation and getting things done, and that makes me want to talk about what I’m currently doing and how it’s working.

Why on a Pagan blog? Well, first, I don’t stop wanting to get things done just because I’m Pagan. But also because a couple of the things I’ve started doing are related to long-term divination and lunar / astrological awareness. My current organisation of my tasks is also (lightly) astrology centered, using a method I’m finding very helpful for getting an idea of balance between different parts of my life.

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