Coven in Practice: Scheduling

One of the things I’ve thought a lot about and struggled with is scheduling.

Don’t we all have that fantasy of a perfect schedule, where we meet on Sabbats, and full moons (and maybe new moons too) and everything flows and fits into a rhythm?

And I definitely was shaped by the group I trained with having a rich and full schedule.

Except. Wait. No. Also other things.

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Coven in Practice : intro

I’ve sort of made a habit of talking about the pieces of witchcraft that other people don’t seem to discuss much. I don’t mean the oathbound things, or the things that come up in a close private circle – I mean the things that are so enmeshed in other assumptions it’s hard to tease them out.

This time, I want to talk about the practicalities of coven practice. Not the rituals, or sorting out the people (though maybe I’ll talk about some of that, too, down the road) but what it means to open your house up to people who start out as strangers (or at least relative unknowns, in most cases), for a particular goal (which is not just hanging out being social), on a regular schedule (not just whenever you want to have people over.)

Why now?

Well, I have two students! We’ve had a number of classes together and two rituals so far. The whole process has me thinking a lot both about what kinds of things work for me, and what might work for other people. It’s about the questions I’m asking myself, and the options I’m offering them.

One of the things I’m enjoying thinking about (and that has some pieces I think worth talking about) is how things are different between when I did my training and how things are now. Some things are really quite different, like technology and access to technology.

What does that mean in practice?

What can you expect from this series of posts?

1) I’ll be focusing them on specific topics. Some topics might get multiple posts, some might get only one.

2) If there’s something you’re interested in hearing more about, please let me know. (You can use the contact form here.) Some topics won’t apply to my group work or life, and some may be things that do apply, but aren’t things I want to talk about in public space, of course!

3) I’m not going to talk about specific details of my current students or what they’re learning, though I may occasionally mention brief broad descriptions of where they’re coming from to give context.

Neither of them had much experience in the larger Pagan communities before they talked to me, and they both come from Protestant Christian backgrounds (and more on the evangelical side than otherwise.)

4) I’ll be putting all these posts in a category called “Coven in Practice”

How often will I post?

As often as strikes my fancy – I don’t want to commit myself to a schedule here.

If you’d like a fairly prompt reminder of when I’ve posted, I make a note of my posts in my fortnightly newsletter or you can subscribe to the RSS feed or by email. The newsletter also has links I’ve found interesting (there’s usually one or two Pagan-specific things, and then others that are history, reading material, or other interesting content.)

See you for future posts!

Upcoming workshop : Music and art in ritual practice (Cambridge, MA)

ETA: Workshop notes turned out to be four articles on my Seeking site. They can be found on the Doing index page, or the links below. 

Want to include music and art in your ritual practice?

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New blog up at PaganBloggers

I haven’t actually mentioned it here, apparently, but I’m blogging about monthly over at Pagan Bloggers, on a blog called Knowledge and Wisdom, and focus on the intersection of research, learning, and Paganism.

I have my second entry up now, Learning and Teaching. It’s about two recent experiences as a student I had, and how that’s affecting my thinking about planning for my June 2nd workshop.

(Next month’s blog will be what I actually did about that.)

I’ll be doing my best to do a quick link here when I post there, so you can follow it in one place.