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This area of the site focuses on building a practice (and once you have one, on taking it further and deeper so it continues to grow.) There’s always more to learn and do and try. Continue reading

Using this site

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One question I get occasionally is from people who are so overwhelmed they don’t know where to start. I recommend reading all of the site that interests you, but if you want a guided way to get started, here’s what I suggest. Continue reading

Building on the basics

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Once you’ve built some starting practices, you may want to do more things. So how do you go about doing that? Here are five ways to deepen the areas I suggested in the starting practices. Continue reading

Structuring your learning

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One of the things about learning Witchcraft is that you need to learn how to teach yourself. That’s a skill many of us didn’t get taught – and then here we are, wanting to build a very big project, and not knowing how to break it down. This essay has… Continue reading

Starting practices

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If you start out reading books, many of them make you think you need to dive straight into complex rituals. And really, no, you don’t. You may want (or need) those eventually, for specific goals, or as part of a particular path, but there are plenty of things you can… Continue reading

Constructing a path

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All paths started somewhere. Quite a few started by someone, somewhere, going “I like these things from this, and that thing from over there, but I don’t like this.” However, building a cohesive path that helps you celebrate the good times, helps get you through the hard times, and that… Continue reading

As you get started

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If you’re new to learning about Paganism, it can get confusing. Here’s a guide to some ways to get started to ease things along. In talking about this with people, I’ve come up with four starting points that might help you out. Continue reading

Daily Practices

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Beginning to develop a daily (or regular) practice is a great way to get started. By building things into our everyday life, we learn to live the values of our religion, and it gets easier and easier to integrate into everything we do. Daily practices (or at least regular ones)… Continue reading