Journals and records

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One great practice to get used to is keeping notes of what you’re doing and learning. This doesn’t need to be big, or formal, or even the method you’re going to use a year from now. Instead, focus on reminders to yourself of what you’ve learned, found interesting, or experienced. … Continue reading

Energetic self-care

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Just like we take care of our physical bodies, we should take care of our less-physical bodies. That’s where a set of skills sometimes called psychic hygiene come in. Cleansing is the energy equivalent of having a shower or bath – getting ourselves clean, washing away any grime from the … Continue reading

Where to start

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Not sure which paths to start looking at first? Below are a variety of different (fairly general) paths, along with a list of qualities or interests. If several things in a list seem to fit you, it might be worth checking that path out in more detail.  

Being open to change

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When you’re looking at any kind of introspective, internal, transformative work, you should have space in your life to do it. If you’re already in the midst of other major changes, you may want to wait before diving deeply into learning a new religion, or especially in seeking out an … Continue reading

Questions when looking for a group

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I’m a big fan of knowing what you’re looking for when you start searching for something. The following list of questions is designed to help you figure out different aspects of what you might be looking for or want (and which things you don’t want!).