Libraries and Librarians

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One of the things that comes up fairly often in my life is my mentioning something about my profession, and someone going “Oh! I didn’t know it worked like that.” This essay is my go at answering some common (and not as common) questions about libraries, librarians, and related subjects.… Continue reading

Classic Pagan books

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Many people start out their reading about Paganism by reading classic Pagan titles and authors. This is, however, not something I personally suggest, and I want to explain why. It’s based on three core principles: Our community learns and grows and changes over time. Practical aspects change too – health,… Continue reading

Introductory Books

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Suggesting books as a general reading list is something I find very challenging – as a librarian, all my instincts are about finding the right books for you, as an individual, not giving a generic list. That said, sometimes it’s good to have somewhere to start. This article suggests the… Continue reading

Critical reading and Pagan books

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[author’s note: I wrote this essay in 2001, very early on in my serious exploration in the Pagan community. Since then, I’ve had far more group work, finished a Master’s in Library and Information Science, and have had a lot of thoughts about how I might edit and expand the… Continue reading

Finding Pagan groups

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One question I hear a lot is “How can I find groups near me?” It can be a frustrating search, and some of the best resources aren’t obvious to newcomers. While there are different ways to go about this, here’s my suggested method. Continue reading