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As I’ve been working on other parts of this site, I keep listing resources and places I buy things. To make it easier to point people to some great resources, here’s a list of the places I start with my shopping.

Below, I’ve listed stores and other merchants I enjoy shopping from. I don’t get anything back from this – no affiliate links or anything like that – but I’m glad to send business in the direction of smaller independent businesses when I can.

Pagan and magical sources:

Eye of Horus is one of the excellent Twin Cities Pagan stores. I love their music selection, much of their jewelry, and various other things I come across. They’ve recently move to a much larger new space with better workshop space, too. (They do mail order, of course, or I wouldn’t list them here.)

Magus Books is the other of the major Twin Cities Pagan stores. They have an amazing herb wall with more than 300 magical and medicinal herbs, as well as the more common things like books, tools, and music.

Tools, oils, and incense:

I get wax scent tarts from Alternative Breeding. I don’t use mine often, but I find them a great way to brighten up my home before people come over or a special occasion.

Arms and Armor is where I got my athame. (Mine is the knightly dagger)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a widely deserved reputation for amazing natural perfume oils. They also offer a line of (mostly hoodoo influenced) ritual oils at Twilight Alchemy Lab which work very well for me.

I’ve also liked the oils I’ve gotten from Conjure Oils.

Devonshire Incense makes great stick incense with a long-lasting but not overwhelming scent, along with a range of soaps, lotions, and other fantastic things.


I mostly get my music either directly from the musician (lots of independent releases), iTunes, or CDBaby.


I have an ever increasing selection of jewelry made by my dear friend, Elise. She posts regular updates of her work on her LiveJournal. She also sells in the vendor’s room at a number of local (and not so local) conventions. Her pieces very deliberately avoid magical associations with particular stones or metals, but often have a very clear identity or focus of their own.

When I want a more intention-based piece of jewelry, I often look at Wyrding Studios. Kythryne runs a couple of monthly subscription options that can be a great way to collect pieces with a bit of a surprise factor. (In the monthly mysteries one, you describe things you like, and can give a “I’d sort of like something with X this month” in general terms. You get a box in the mail with a pendant or earrings or other smaller piece of jewelry.)

Other fun things:

Chagrin Valley Soaps make several of my favorite soap and shampoo bars (the rest come from someone who sells at the local farmer’s market, but doesn’t sell online.)

Dancing Pig Pots makes excellent handmade ceramic mugs, including ones with the Uffington Horse, with moon and stars, and with ravens. (She also makes a bowl with all the Sabbats on it.)

My friend Marie at Meadowlake Arts does amazing dye projects on both yarn and various silk scarves. The silks make for great altar cloths.

Stoney End made my harp (who you see in a color-altered image in the header). They also sell all sorts of other Celtic-derived instruments, sheet music, and recordings.

TeaSource is one of my favorite sources for teas and tisanes (stuff you make like tea, but that doesn’t include the tea plant.) My favorites are Red Berries, Margaret’s Soother, and Lazy Susan (all herbal tisanes, since I try to avoid caffeine) but they also have a wide range of black, green, and white teas.

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