online writing hosts several different sets of pages.

Limen: thoughts from a threshold [go to Limen site]

This is my primary public Pagan blog. There’s a lot of discussion of practical issues in group work, my thinking through how to do things differently to free up time and resources for other goals, and much more. I anticipate more regular posts resuming sometime in 2011.

Seeking: First Pagan Steps and Tools: [go to Seeking site]

Seeking is the area of the site where I’ve collected a lot of pieces I’ve written over the years helping folks new to Paganism figure out some basics. There some general topics, and some more specific religious witchcraft focused pieces.

Many of the articles here had a start in a comment I made to someone in an online conversation, or to someone in group work, and I wanted to share them, then spent the tail end of 2010 collecting these pieces and writing new material for places I saw gaps.

I’ve focused in particular on three types of topics:

  • things that aren’t covered as well as I’d like in existing books
  • things that I often see questions about
  • things where I think that sharing some of my practice (and what works for me) might help others.

As you might guess, what’s there represents only part of my practice: I mostly don’t talk about my tradition’s specific practices or details there. (I do a little more of that on Limen, but even there, there are lots of things I don’t discuss in this kind of setting, as is true of many people.)

Other places I am online:

I’m active in a number of places online. I generally go by either Jenett or Jenettsilver (depending on availability of usernames) and when it’s an option, I have my default icon as an image of my harp.

I have a longstanding account on two social journal sites: and (both with the username Jenett) but most posts there are not public. (I am generally glad to give people access, however, if you use either site and are interested.)

I’m active on a variety of Pagan forums, most reliably, but I’ve been active on a number of others as well. I’m always interested in deeper conversation that encourages thoughtful learning, understanding, and that – when it’s talking about facts – cares about accuracy, and love recommendations of other sites to check out.

I am on Facebook and other social networking sites, but under my legal name, and I use that account irregularly and largely for professional purposes.