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I’m passionate about connecting people with information that makes their lives better. (Which would also explain why I’ve collected a lot of resources here.) I’m a geek who’s particularly interested in figuring out how we do stuff, and why we do it that way, so we can figure out if there are ways to do it better. (Where ‘better’ is about having more time and energy for other things we want to do, or being able to go more deeply into an experience, or to get there more reliably, or whatever else of that kind.)

As mentioned, I enjoy a range of hobbies – don’t we all?

These include:

Reading: I read pretty much anything that sits still long enough, but particular favorites include:

  • Character-driven science fiction and fantasy
  • Series mysteries, especially historical settings
  • Microhistories (books about a single subject: honey, chocolate, salt, color. Whatever.)
  • Narrative non-fiction (someone goes and does something interesting.)
  • Books about how our brains work, especially around the arts.

I’ve got a particular fondness for coming-of-age stories that involve schools, magic, or both. (Which yes, meant I enjoyed Harry Potter, but there’s a lot more beside that – everything from Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books to Lev Grossman’s The Magicians to Diana Wynne Jones’ Year of the Griffon.)

And of course, I read a number of Pagan books, though which ones varies by current projects and interests. I particularly pick up titles about group work and group dynamics, integrating music into ritual and magic, and books with an interesting take on a rarely-discussed topic.


I’ve had my folk harp since my 21st birthday: she’s a 29 string Lorraine model from Stoney End, a harpmaker based in Red Wing, Minnesota. (Though I got her while in Massachusetts, where I grew up and went to college.)

I’ve got a particular fondness for various of the more magical of the Child ballads (“Tam Lin”, “Thomas the Rhymer”, “Twa Sisters”, and so on.)

Arts and crafts:

I both knit and drop spin: which one I do more varies.¬† I adore making bread for ritual (and other people cheerfully leap upon it and eat it…) and enjoy cooking in general. And I’ve been exploring making figurines and other small items using polymer clay.

Computer geekery:

A little bit of most things other than coding: I’ve had a webpage of some sort online since 1995, read a wide range of blogs on many topics (Pagan, technology, library/book, and lifehacking focused, more than anything), have done my share of volunteering for open source projects, and everything from MUSHing to IM to a bit of IRC to the current social media.

I’m a Mac user by preference (and have been using Apple computers for 25 years now…), but I’m also comfortable using Windows machines¬† and I’ve used a variety of Unix tools on and off over the years.

If you get the idea from this …

… that I’m a generalist in a lot of ways, you’d be right. There are certainly areas I know about in a great deal of depth, but I’m interested in a wide range of topics, information, and resources.

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