about me

I’m in my early 40s, single, and a librarian by profession. I live in the Boston metro area in Massachusetts.

I’m passionate about connecting people with information that makes their lives better. I’m a geek who’s particularly interested in figuring out how we do stuff, and why we do it that way, so we can figure out if there are ways to do it better. (Where ‘better’ is about having more time and energy for other things we want to do, or being able to go more deeply into an experience, or to get there more reliably.)

My friends often refer to me as a combat librarian, for my ability to dig into a question and come up with an answer. I have a tremendous amount of experience finding, sharing, teaching, and generally using information and resources. I’m particularly skilled doing all those things online and in text.


I currently work in a special library that focuses on a particular educational institution and the community it serves. I love it, and especially the part where I get to help with information that changes people’s lives on a regular basis. In the past, I’ve worked in an independent high school library, a college library, and a smattering of other jobs that had to do with technology and information management.

I’ve been working in libraries since 2000, and I’ve had my Master’s in Library and Information Science since 2007.

priestess and witch

On the religious side, I’m a priestess, initiate, and witch in a small religious witchcraft tradition founded in Minnesota in the late 1990s. I earned my third degree in that tradition in 2007 (it was a busy year). I’ve taught in small group settings (both for seekers and for students in the tradition), offered workshops, and participated in panel discussions. I’ve also been to a lot of public rituals, helped run a few, and been to several festivals.

While I lived in Minnesota, I was programming chair for Twin Cities Pagan Pride, and then one of the founding committee and hotel chair for Paganicon. I’ve been active in online Pagan communities since 1999, and have been a staff member on The Cauldron (a long-running interfaith Pagan forum) since spring of 2016.

Since 2011, I’ve run Seeking: first steps on a Pagan path, a site focused on introductory material for people interested in religious witchcraft and related paths. That site has over 150 essays, including a number on research and information evaluation.

You can read more about my religious path and experiences over here.

where I am and other domestic notes

I’ve taken to saying that I live in states that begin with M and get a lot of snow in the winter – Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maine. (I have no desire to try living in Montana, though!) I was born in a different Boston suburb, was here through the end of college, and moved to Minnesota in 1999, to Maine in 2011, and back to Massachusetts in 2015, so if you think you’ve come across me in those places, you might be right.

I live with a cat (Astra), a folk harp (Stoney End Lorraine model, 29 strings) and a bunch of books. I enjoy reading, writing, computer geekery, and periodic bouts of baking, cooking, and knitting. I am almost never bored.

[last edited July 2017]

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