I’m Jenett Silver. It’s not my legal name, but it’s the name I use pretty much everywhere except work and my family of origin. (Jenett pronounced like Janet, but with ‘Jen’ as the first syllable. Rhymes with then-it.)

This site is my place to share information about me, my background, and my current projects related to my religious life and practice.

I’m passionate about connecting people with information that makes their lives better. I’m a geek who’s particularly interested in figuring out how we do stuff, and why we do it that way, so we can figure out if there are ways to do it better. (Where ‘better’ is about having more time and energy for other things we want to do, or being able to go more deeply into an experience, or to get there more reliably.)

the projects: 

I have multiple projects going. Pretty much all the time. The current ones include:

Seek Knowledge, Find Wisdom
A research service for Pagans and other interested people that offers online courses, consulting, and other resources.

Are you frustrated trying to find Pagan information? Need help learning how to research? Want to ask a librarian for help, but need someone who understands Pagan and magical topics? Check out the site for information about my services and rates and for a number of free resources.

I also write about Pagans and research on the Knowledge and Wisdom blog at PaganBloggers.com

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Seeking: first steps on a Pagan path
Seeking is a site with over 150 articles about intro material for Pagans and especially religious witches. It covers a lot of concepts like energy work, ritual, and other topics, focusing on questions and material that a lot of books don’t explain well. I include links and other resources where relevant.

It’s got a particular focus on accessibility, adapting techniques to suit your life, and how to learn more about Pagan topics.

Limen: thoughts from a threshold
My personal religious blog, where I write about whatever other topics I want to talk about in public. It’s been around for years now, so some of my practices and situation have changed.

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