about me

Welcome! This site (Gleewood) is my place to collect resources, writing, and other materials related to my religious life and practice. You’ll find information about my blogs and resources, my background and training, and other related things that I’ve done.

basic biography:

I’m Jenett (pronounced like Janet, but with ‘Jen’ as the first syllable. Rhymes with then-it.) It’s not my legal name, but it’s the name I use with pretty much everyone outside of work and my family of origin.

I’m in my early 40s, single, and a librarian by profession. I was born in the Boston suburbs, and lived there through the end of college. In 1999, I moved to Minnesota, where I lived (in St. Paul, two suburbs, and Minneapolis) until July 2011. In August of 2011, I moved to rural Maine for a new job at a small public university campus, and in May of 2015 took a new job back in the Boston area.

I live with a cat (Astra), a folk harp (Stoney End Lorraine model, 29 strings) and a bunch of books. I enjoy reading, writing, computer geekery, baking (bread and cookies), cooking, spinning (yarn) and knitting, as well as music. I am almost never bored.

religious life:

My primary religious practice is rooted in a small initiatory religious witchcraft tradition called Omphalos Tri-Cellan, founded in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, in the late 1990s. I started studying with The Circle of the Phoenix (the founding group in the tradition) in mid-2001, and became a 3rd degree in the tradition in November of 2007.

What the tradition does is a lot like Wicca from published sources – we celebrate Sabbats and Esbats, honor male and female deities, do our work in a cast circle, work magic, and many other things. However, due to¬† different focus, I believe we’ve moved away from the core mysteries of Wicca, and into something else that’s also wonderful. Thus, I use ‘religious witchcraft’ as a better description. (And I’m glad to discuss this in more detail, though I find it easier to do in person rather than online.)

In early 2009, I hived off to form my own coven, Phoenix Song, but put it on hiatus after a year due to some health issues (now much better) and a lengthy job hunt (which did in fact lead to me moving). Another move later, I’m looking at ways to connect with other Pagans, both for general community or friendship, and in the hopes of finding people who might be interested in group work in the tradition.

The tradition has a strong focus on self-transformation in the context of religious and magical work with a thorough approach to ritual structure and design. We honor and work with a variety of deities, with members encouraged to explore and build relationships with deities independent from the shared group work. The tradition is GLBTQ friendly and aware, with an emphasis on forms of polarity that go beyond gender. Groups are priestess-lead, but prefer to consult and get general agreement whenever feasible.

If you’re curious about my personal practice, I made a nice discursive post about some of my beliefs and practices from my blog (note that a few things have changed with my move.)

group work:

As I’m settling back into Massachusetts, I’m doing seasonal ritual work with close friends, and also thinking about long-term plans for coven work or other community practices again.

I’m also happy to offer my knowledge in other settings: through a one-session workshop, a short series of classes, or more general material. You can find out more about my teaching background and interests elsewhere on the site.

I’m fascinated by what questions people ask (and where they go with the answers). I’ve got a particular interest in how to evaluate the very wide range of information we use in developing our religious lives (books, online, conversations, ritual, meditation, divination, and so much more), effective group work, and integrating music, ritual, and magic.

I’m also very interested in how those of us with challenges to our time, energy, focus, health, and exertion can live sustainable lives as Pagans, as teachers, as priests or priestesses, and community resources.

community interaction:

I’ve been active in both my local Pagan community and online for a number of years. Online, I hang out on several Internet forums (as either Jenett or JenettSilver as a username), as well as extensive writing on other parts of this site. (Find out more about where I am online)

Locally, other than within my tradition, I’ve been most involved through Twin Cities Pagan Pride, as a board member from late 2006 until my move in 2011. During that time, I helped us gain 501(c)3 status, we ran reliably in the black, and we expanded what we offered in some awesome ways.

For several years, our free fall event (Twin Cities Pagan Pride) was a 2-day free event, but in 2011, we launched a new spring weekend conference, Paganicon (programming by the Pagan community for the Pagan community). I was hotel chair through 2014, and after missing a year (due to job hunting), am looking forward to being back again in 2016.

last edited December 22, 2015