Plans for this blog

You know the old thing about how some cultures think photos steal your soul? [1] I’m sort of like that about telling anyone all of what I’m reading.

But at the same time, I’d like a way to organise some of the things I’ve been reading, so I can find them later (and also so I can share them with other people.) I’ve thought about using other sites, like LibraryThing or GoodReads, but those don’t easily allow me to group items in multiple ways – or to share music, links, and other kinds of resources. Many of them will have some relevants to Pagan topics, but many of them won’t have such an obvious connection, but still be interesting to me.

Books: I’m using a book review plugin (Book Review Library) to manage the reviews. They’re not treated like regular posts or pages, but you can get to them from the header menu, (and they’re not treated like ordinary posts or pages in WordPress). You can find links to the various reviews from the top header, where it says Book reviews

Music: These are regular posts, and can be found under the Music category. (Also linked from the top header)

Online sites: Online resources have some great reading material. You can find some of my favourites under the Online Reading category.

[1] It may or may not be accurate, mind you. That’s a topic for a totally different post.